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Shrub Trimming in Dallas, TX

Your landscape comprises various elements that complement each other, in which different types of plants feature. With each of them having specific requirements, it’s important to implement the proper techniques and provide them with the appropriate care.

When it comes to trees, not only are there different species, but also types, such as shrubs. Although similar, they require particular care, too, but it is entirely necessary as they work to adorn and sculpt your landscape.

So, if you’ve never considered getting your shrubs expertly trimmed, we encourage you to do so, and none other than with the best shrub trimming service in Dallas, TX: Angel Tree Service.

Our arborists will assist you with much-needed residential and commercial shrub trimming through convenient solutions. Learn all about them below!

Taking Care of Shrubs

Like trees, shrubs are also perennial plants with woody stems. They’re much smaller in size but can still grow a lot, so it’s essential to trim them correctly, not only to control their growth but also to ensure they do it healthily and in the shape you desire.

With proper trimming and related shrub care, you can keep them in their top condition for longer. The top shrub maintenance tasks include:

Trimming and Shaping: Shrubs often require more frequent and specific pruning compared to trees since they have a bushier growth habit. Shrub trimming is essential to maintain their shape, encourage growth, and eliminate dead or diseased branches.
Disease and Pest Management: Certain pests and diseases are more common in shrubs. Monitoring for issues like aphids, scale insects, or powdery mildew is essential for shrub health and can accompany your regular trimmings when performed by a certified arborist.
Winter Protection: Some shrub species may be less cold-hardy than trees, especially in harsh winter climates. Providing winter protection along with trimming right before the cold season starts, such as mulching or wrapping with burlap, can help prevent freezing damage to shrubs.

Naturally, your shrubs’ needs are special, which is why not only do you require shrub trimming and maintenance, but also an expert to provide it and takes every factor into account, such as local climate and soil conditions, for administering precise solutions.

Taking Care of Shrubs

Through Expert Assistance

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While our skilled hands care for shrubs, our complete services take care of our clients by following safety measures, working under a licensed and insured company, and following our expertly designed tree and shrub care plans.

These factors combined guarantee your satisfaction, which also comes at competitive prices. You won’t have to hesitate more on who to contact, as your safest choice is here with us. Call us today!

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